Growing up in a rustic valley amid Washington’s North Cascades, Soleil picked up his first guitar while grunge was flannelling its way across the country and into his cassette player. “I learned pretty quickly that if I could play all the riffs, the girls went crazy for it…so I got good really fast” he jokes. Adept on the fret board he graduated to the local brewpub’s open-mic, sitting in with adults and improvising solos over blues and classic rock. “Here I was sipping root beer at 16 years old, not really understanding the meaning of the blues, and hangin’ with people two or three times my age. It was great, I learned a lot!” But while attending college in Seattle, Soleil discovered Air’s “Moon Safari” influencing him to dust off his Moog, unearth his trumpet and purchase a bass guitar.
   Thus begins Soleil the multi-instrumentalist. He then moved to San Diego and joined an established rock band, Blizzard, lured by their catchy tunes and the Fender Rhodes they were auditioning. Quick to pickup the keys, Soleil remained for nearly two years performing regularly in San Diego, LA and Las Vegas and recording keys, guitar and trumpet on two releases.
   2006 brought the young player to New York City, where he set off to begin producing his own music. He put together an essentials-only recording studio in his Manhattan apartment and began experimenting in the many genres of music that had influenced him over time. His first production came that fall when he was asked to produce three original neo-tango songs for a television pilot. Besides crafting his own music and producing tracks for NY and San Diego artists, he also works closely with professional ballroom dancers to remix and produce original music for performance and web use. Having just released his debut solo album, Abstraction, and working with both established and up and coming songwriters, Soleil seems poised to become much more than a bright spot on the horizon.